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Total Stations

​Wild TC1
​Wild T2EL
​Wild T2000

If I can rely on one person to find the "Gems" it's Guy Paone in Holland. This instrument belonged to a school and has had a bit of a rough time. Needs power cable fixed and a recorder

Serial No 233746

Approx Year Manufacture 1977

I require a T2EL at this stage so if you have one you may be interested in selling drop me an email


​This instrument was another eBay bargin. I purchased from the USA and was used at Boeing in aircraft manufacturing.



Serial No 309997

Approx Year Manufacture 1985


​Wild T2000S

​Used by Bell Helecopter, this instrument was purchased in 2014. As a bonus a DI5 EDM was included in the very good price.






Serial No 313834

Approx Year Manufacture 1985

​Wild TC2000

A hard to find tachymat instrument. Purchased in 2016 for a very good price. Everything works perfect.

Serial No 314552

Approx Year Manufacturer 1985


​Wild T1000

​This is my very first Total Station I bought. Its still works fine and was purchased in 1992 from Leica in Melbourne.

We used it with a DI 1000 EDM up until 2001 when it was retired to the store room, and now to the museum.


Serial No 308799

Approx Year Manufacture 1990

​Wild T1600

I require a T1600 at this stage so if you have one you may be interested in selling drop me an email



​Wild TC1000

In excellent condition and purchased from Western Australia from Dan. Come with a GRE 4 and all the cabling.


 Serial No 345897

Approx Year Manufacture

​Wild TC1600

Purchased from Germany in 2018 this is in excellent condition

Serial No 331663

Approx Year Manufacture


​Wild TC1010


I rememeber when this was brand new. The best money could buy. Thanks again to Ron DeMarco who pulled this little gem out of the cupboard. I thought he had traded it 20 years ago. Perfect condition.



Serial No  

Approx Year of Manufacture 1993


​Wild T1610

​The T1610 was purchased online in 2013 from USA and works fine. I have never used it but powers up and reads angles and distances. Excellent condition



Serial No 364297

Approx Year Manufacture 1992

​Wild TC1610

I require a TC1610 at this stage so if you have one you may be interested in selling drop me an email



​Wild T2002

​This instrument also came from the USA. I purchased it in 2014 and is excellent working order.





Serial No 346306

Approx Year Manufacture 1989

​Wild TC2002

This instrument was a bit of a "Barn" find. Been locked away in a shipping container for many years. In great condition.

Serial No 359833

Approx Year Manufacture 1990


​Wild T3000

​Purchased in 2014 from the USA again. There seemed to be an over supply of these instruments and bargins were previlant.





Serial No 354555

Approx Year Manufacture 1990

​Wild TM3000D

Finally got my hands on a TM3000D or part of it anyway. This instrument is the first of the CCD target identifying instruments and is fully remote controlled. It has no Vert or Horz knobs or clamps. Can be run via a computer or the missing remote. control. Perfect condition, hardly been used.

Serial No 354842

Approx Year Manufacture 1990


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