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Parallel Plate

​I saw it and had to buy it from England in 2014. Excellent condition. The case is in great condition also.Fits NA2 newer style.

​Right Angle Eye Pieces
Pillar Platess

​Like lots of surveying equipment you just have to have them. If its for your penta prism, sighting steep angles you have them.

Nice little box made by Hans Wennagel. Bayonet fitting for eye piece.


​I was introducted to the wonders of a pillar plate by Master Surveyor Ron DeMarco in 1982. You dont use them all the time but handy when you need them. Excellent for mechanicial work and setting on walls.

I have 2 of these little gems

Penta Prism
​Optical Square
Optical Square

​The modern surveyor would have no idea how to use these. Excellent for sweeping planes for dam wall and graded surfaces.

Quick to use and even more fun for doing the calcs.

Comes to suit T1 (70) with a T2 or T1A lens adapter


​Kindly donated to the collection by Hans Wennagel. Single side and made of metal it belonged to his father inlaw

Modern style made of plastic, double sided from the 1970's.

Part of my gear from the early 1980's

​Striding Level

​This striding level comes in an excellent condition leather case. It was purchased from Alaska in 2013. This has no serial number and is for a T2

​ZNL Optical Plummett

​I am assuming this is one of he very first opticial plummets made by Wild. It has no serial number and can not find any details of its model year of manufacture. Its missing the "tribrach" which is the same as the NT1 theodolite.

Purchased from England in 2013

ZL Optical Plummett

​This ZL plummett was purchased new by Ron DeMarco in 1981 for plumbing a 285m power station chimney. I used it at the Thompson Dam and Eildon Weir in the early 1980's. Used in conjuction with the GLO laser.

Have the special eye piece also.

ZNL Optical Plummett
ZBL Optical Plummett
GGP 12

​This is a very useful surveying tool. This ZNL plummett was purchased new by Ron DeMarco in 1981 for plumbing a 285m power station chimney.

This plummet was purchased on eBay in 2013 and came from Solovia. Come is a hand crafted leather case that just needed a bit of oil and has come up OK.

Thanks to Guy in the Netherlands, as I had no idea what it was. This is a geodesie ground plate 12 its a base for a construction lna2, lpd pipe lasers Wild produced All makes sense now.

BL16-21 Subtence Bar
TM 2 Range Finder
GAK 1 Gyro

​I have never used one but old survey friends have told me about the good old days. This is in excellent condition and was a steal out of Germany in 2014. Even has lights for night work.

​Why a range finder you may ask?. I don't know, it seemed a good thing at the time. Complete with manual in German. Comes with tripod abd all the tools. Purchased out of the USA


Serial No 

Approx date of Manufacture

Finally found one part of a GAK 1 in the USA. Just need the cables and the rest to make complete. Lucky I have the mint T2 with Gyro attachment.

Serial No  14184

Approx date of Manufacture

K2 Plane Table
Target Set
Target Set

​I purchased this from Peru in 2014. Its missing bits and pieces, but will do until I get a better one

​Very first target set I bought in 1992. Still being used today. Comes with plate bubbles for better levelling, and GDF22 tribrachs

​I have 5 sets of these complete sets. This is one of them.


Target Set
GRE 3 Data Recorder
GRE 4 Data Recorder

​This target set is incomplete and was purchaced from Germany in 2015. I need parts for the tribrach. Comes with lighting set.

​First of the Wild data recorders. I never got to use one of these but went straight to the GRE4.

Working order

​The data recorder I first used. It was a struggle to figure out what to do but time solved that problem.

Working order

GIF 10 Reader
GIF 12 Reader

​Purchased in 2005 for a special project we had. These were the last that Heerbrugg had i was told, Excellent for those hard to setup places

​This GIF10 is in excellent condition and came with all cables to download your data. Purcahsed in 2013

​This came as the download device with my NA3000 level and has had ;ots of use over the years.

Lighting Set
GEB 63 Lighting Set
GEB 49Battery

​This battery box is in brand new condition and even has the original foam box. Purchased by Ron Demarco and donated to me for my collection.

This GEB 63 and the GEB 58's was left over from a project i did in 1998 in Soroko, Indonesia.​ Part of the tunnelling gear that had not been stolen by the locals.

​i forgot what we had to use for batteries back in the old days. This come with a built in charger and is in excellent condition.

GEB 76Battery
Light Box T1
GEB 71Battery

​i bought this in 1993 from where I cannot remember. very handy for those days when the battery on the T1000 went flat and your in the middle of nowhere.

​A very simple device for the T1. Fits into where the mirror goes and lights up the vernier. Donated HJ Macey.

​The big old orange brick. Perfect for lazy surveyors like myself Lasts for ever

GLO 2 Laser
GPR 11 Prism
GDR 31 Prism

​Purchased back in 1982 by Ron DeMarco for use on the 280m high Loy Yang Power Station chimney. Used with the ZL & ZNL to mark out all the internal metal work. Works like a charm and is in new condition. Thanks for the donation Ron.

​This GPR 11 is brand new never been used. Purchased from Kuwait in 2015. Still has the tag from the factory.

​The prism used with the DI3 S back  in the late 70's. The old style Wild pole is included.

GPH 3 Prism

​This prism holder was also donated by Ron DeMarco as part of his collection. Has very little use and in excellent condition like all of Rons equipment.

GDR 11 Prism
Polar Attachment

Used with  the DI 10 EDM this is in great condition. Purchased from Germany in 2015

Polar attachment designed for the northern hemisphere for determining the astronomicial merdian , time and latitude

Right Angle Eye Pieces
Transport Case
Testing Instrument
Plane Surface

You have to have 2 sets of these. Got them cheap from the USA. Another bargin to a sucker like me. Excellent condition. Non bayonet fitting for both.


I have 2 of the transport cases that come with the T2 form the camera/stereo place I bought the T2 from. They were going to make them into speaker boxes. Excellent condition


This Plane Surface tester was given to me by Matt Tisdall in 2016. It is used for testing the alignment and height of precise machine beds & ways. Accuracy 1 micron in 200mm.

1 : 200000. See manual in publication section


GDV3 Lens
Photo Target

The GDV 3 is a double supplementary lens for measuring to a reflector tape below 20 m

Came with the TC2002 in 2016


Missing the case and needs looking at. Angular measurement is in NATO Mils. 6400 units to one circle.


I purchased 2 of these targets in 2015 only for the old tribrach. It fits my photo theodolite. These are targets for the Photo Theodolite.



NT2 Horrebow
Wall Posters
GSP 3 Roelots Prism

In new condition this Horrebow Level  was a good find on eBay in 2017


A collection of large posters I bought from England in 2016. These are beautiful and have very little damage too. I believe they were hanging at a school somewhere in the UK. These are A1 in size.


This GSP3 has been modified to suit  a Kern instrument. Purchased in 2017 its in excellent condition and has gone to a good home.


GVO Lens
GAK 11 Gyro

GVO 07 and GVO 10 close up lens. Purchase at a great price from England in 2017. Very handy to have in every Surveyors Kit


Purchased in 2017 it come complete with all cabling and power supply. Its part of the T161 I purchased from Canada


Come with the TC1000 and is a RS232 download module. You put the battery from the GRE4 and slide this in and put the batter in the GIF2


Optical Wedge
GVO Lens

Turned up on a Dutch website and Guy Paone contacted me asked if I wanted it. I didn't have it so I wanted it. They are pre 1930 and in mint condition. Thank to Guy again

A very interesting piece purchased from England in 2017. I think it was made in England for a special application

Donated in 2017 by Ron Demarco by saying something like "I am 80 years old and I don't think I will use these again".

Thanks again

Tripod IVa
Tripod 2b
Tripod 21b

Purchased from  Alaska in 2013 this IVa tripod is in perfect condition. Used for T3 instrument and is a fixed type.

Old adjustable legs belonged  to the SECV and used with an NT1 that I purchased in 2017. More suited as levelling legs

This tripod came from Holland with the NKii level . It is a tripod for a theodolite  a level.

GZT 2 Target
GW1 Tilting Base

It's what you needed in the old days. Sighting from a long way. Thanks to Ron DeMarco again

Almost brand new this GPM4 has been sitting in Ron's cupboard for years.

This tilting base is designed to be used with the DI10 EDM You don't have to mount it to the instrument ed on a tripod. It's in complete but will give you an idea of its function

GST 30 Tripod
GPH1AP Prism

This ZNL16 is in good condition and adjustment. Smooth to focus.

GZT 1 Target

The GST 30 is a larger head , fixed legged tripod for instruments like a T3. This one was owned by the lands department. In good condition.

This is a high accuracy prism that come with a collection of other survey gear I bought from Tasmania in 2018. I think these are 0.3 of a mm and are used for the older style TPS 1000 and clip on EDMs. In perfect condition


Another bit of gear from Tasmania. It appears the surveyor was doing high accuracy work.

In great condition

This is a mint condition fieldbook from Henry Wild Surveying Instrument Supply Co.


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