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When I first started surveying in 1976, my then employer Harry Arrowsmith told me that if you want quality get a Wild theodolite or level. They are the Rolls Royce of surveying equipment. Over 40 years later I still hear those words like yesterday.


I decided I would follow his advice and started to collect the instruments. It has grown to its current state and decided to make a website to show the collection to people that love Swiss engineering. It has become a passion, others may say an addiction. In time I will take better and more photos, add the specifications and other details of the instruments.

I also have various manuals and publications that i will scan and place on the website.


I have to thank Guy Paone in the Netherlands for his help in sourcing and repair of instruments. Juerg Dedual for information on the instruments via his website and Ron De Marco for his many donations and advice on the equipment.


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